What I'm Doing Now

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Generally, with one notable exception, things are on an upswing...if moving a little more slowly than I would like. C'est la vie!

Work and the internet

The new agency is doing well - getting our name out there, talking to lots of people. We've got some really exciting initiatives in the works, and I'm really thrilled to be working with local West Michigan businesses to embrace internet and mobile technologies. You should definitely check out our site to keep up with all of that.

We're also hard at work finishing construction on our "World Shedquarters" - the office shed where we will be orchestrating our master plan to make the internet awesome here in Muskegon. VERY EXCITING!!


Still doing a lot of writing - and, oddly, more co-writing than I've done in forever. Super fun.

Also, Have You Ever, my acoustic mashup duo, has launched and been playing gigs around Downtown Muskegon this summer! We've also got some exciting things in the works - a flash album, original tunes, and more performances. Follow us on Facebook or YouTube to keep up there.

On the home front

My trusty sidekick, Benny, decided to go feral and live in the woods down the road. We've run into him out in the wild a couple times, so we know he's out there and still kicking...but I miss him a lot. He was my baby for over a decade, and I some ways, I'm lost without him. Grief is a thing.

Otherwise, things continue apace. No news is good news?