What I’ve Done

Hiya! I’m Tari.

I’m your basic artsy-smartsy blue-haired nerd musician spaceship enthusiast lover of pineapples.

I’ve been messing around on the internet for over two decades, building websites and fiddling with internet technologies as they developed. Blogs, social media, e-commerce…I’ve been playing along pretty much since Al Gore invented the dang thing.

Some other things I’ve done:

  • read copy for a newspaper (I have opinions about Oxford commas).
  • answered phones, sold vacuum cleaners, and stocked shelves.
  • spent years living a role from the movie “Office Space.”
  • developed branding and social media strategies for organizations of all sizes.
  • run teams and supported teams.

Interested in hiring me? Check out my resume!

Who I am

A little about me…

Some things I am:

  • 40 years old, and still rocking blue hair.
  • an artsy musician type (more about that here).
  • both nerdy and geeky.
  • unabashedly (and intersectionally) feminist.
  • a big fan of bullet points.

I’m a city girl living in a small town with my furry sidekicks – Oscar, whose paws are shaped like hearts because he is made of pure love; and Westley, a.k.a. the Dread Pirate Roberts, who is the cattiest cat that ever cat-ed the cat.

Together, my bebes and I do our best to keep each other sane and entertained, and make ourselves and the world better than we started. It’s a process.


What I’m Doing Now

What’s this about? Learn more about “Now” pages, and why they’re awesome here or here. It’s a whole movement, and I think it’s smart and helpful.

2019: The Year of Self Care

Last year, I almost died (and yes, ObamaCare saved my life!) – so this year is all about reducing stress, making music, and doing my level best to make good use of the time accessible healthcare bought me.

I’m not saying I am, like, totally re-making my whole life…except I kind of am. It’s like that Marie Kondo thing, only with my life, not just my closet. WHEEEEEEEE



Want to get in touch? Cool! I can be reached generally by email at tari@tarifollett.com.

You can also catch up with me through the seventy-bajillion different kinds of social media I update with varying degrees of regularity (if that’s the kind of thing you’re into).